Here’s What Clients Say About Dick….

"Friendly, Courteous and Professional! Employing 170 people including 30 sales people, I only wish they all had the same Professionalism that Mr. Davis employs.”
Peter Mieth

“Aggressive and Knowledgeable! I thought you would be a good agent when we signed our listing agreement. It was nine days later when you brought me a full price contract that I realized you were a lot better than good.”
Aubrey M. Grant

“ Mr. Davis took such a personal interest in being able to sell the home, but most importantly, he took a personal interest in us. He is, in every sense of the term, a true professional and, as it developed, a friend.”
Vince and Kathy Dantone

“It was comforting to work with such a capable individual who answered every question that we had. We felt comfortable because we felt he really cared about our concerns.”
Karen and Joseph Geary